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Publish a dissertation

Publish a dissertation

Making doctoral theses accessible to the scientific public is a fundamental part of your doctorate.

The basis for this is the current doctoral regulations of your faculty. The types of publication, the number of copies and formal requirements are defined there.

Delivery of electronic or printed dissertations

For your publication in Open Access, you can always use KUPS - Cologne University Publication Server as the central university publication server. You can find out how to publish on this server and what to look out for in the comprehensive information and instructions on the KUPS website.

Deposit copies from private printing, i.e. dissertations that are not published by a publisher, must generally meet the following requirements:

  • printed on white ageing-resistant paper (book or photo printing)
  • hardback or bound (no ring binding)
  • printed on both sides if possible (one-sided is also accepted)
  • DIN A5 format (DIN A4 is also accepted)

After formal examination, we will confirm receipt of your dissertation at the doctoral office.

Acceptance times for dissertations

Dissertations can be submitted by post and also in person by appointment. Please get in touch with our contact persons if necessary.

Please send your deposit copies to:

Universitäts- und Stadtbibliothek Köln
Medienbearbeitung Monografien (Hochschulschriften, Tausch, Geschenk)
Universitätsstr. 33
50931 Köln

Your contact persons

Emma Frank (Gift and university publications/dissertations)

Ralph Keller (University publications/dissertations)


  • We cannot provide advice on legal issues (e.g. copyright).
  • An author's contract is always required when publishing full texts on KUPS. Notes on the KUPS web pages >>
  • Files on KUPS should be in pdf or epub format.
  • File names on KUPS must not contain special characters or umlauts.
  • When sending from non-EU countries, please bear in mind that consignments may reach us late due to customs processing.