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Charging lockers

Battery empty? In our 45 charging lockers you can safely charge digital devices and store them for a short time.

Tips for our loading lockers

  • Where can I find the lockers?
    You will find the charging station in reading room I. (1st floor).
  • Where can I get the key?
    You can get the key for free against a deposit at the reading room and interlibrary loan desk across the street. You can also return the key there. If you lose the key, we charge € 30.00 for the installation of a new lock.
  • How long may I use the locker?
    Please do not use the locker for more than four hours.
    Pay attention to our opening hours, overnight use of the loading lockers is not permitted.
  • What do I need for loading?
    There is a standard home power outlet in the charging lockers. You will need a charging cable including power supply unit or power plug to charge your device.

Who can help me with further questions?

Please contact the staff at the reading room and interlibrary loan desk across.

Here you can find more details of use:

Download (pdf, 64 kb)

Charging lockers Usage instructions