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Digitise and host campus collections

We offer highly specialised services for campus collections

The campus libraries of the University of Cologne often have treasures of a special kind - for example, research items such as the impression collection or the coin collection of the Institute of Classical Studies. Separata collections such as offprints, bequests, special manuscripts or graphic collections require special treatment in their indexing.

Types of digitisation

In many cases, it is possible for you to continue working with your usual data entry software.

Together we will clarify these questions:

  • How should the institute's data be prepared for an online catalogue?
  • Which procedure is suitable for the collection?
  • What should the collection portal look like?

In this way, we prepare your data for an online catalogue according to your wishes. This individual service is made possible by the OpenBib technology developed in-house.

This is what your catalogue could look like afterwards ...

University collections that have been created - in part digitally - as part of project and research work. Our task is the project supervision and technical realisation of the collection portals: