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Art History: Analogue

Over 100 years of art history at the University of Cologne: we show exciting and beautiful things from the teaching material collection of the Institute of Art History.

03.04.2023 - 21.05.2023


For decades they have been stored untouched in the cellars and shelves of the Institute of Art History (KHI): posters, postcards, folios, slides, ...
But these testimonies of university teaching have it all! They show what art was considered important and what thousands of students were supposed to learn.

The exhibition is a joint project of the KHI student council and the Cologne University and City Library.
"There is more to discover in our libraries and archives than you would expect at first glance!" explains Marcel Wielgos from the student council.

The examination of the KHI's own history is already taking place digitally: A blog has been set up for the 100th anniversary of the institute in 2021. The aim of the exhibition "Art History:analogue" is to present this blog content in analogue form and make it tangible. The focus is on the question: How was art history illustrated in Cologne?

Especially in times of digitalisation, it is important to emphasise how significant the preservation of historical, analogue materials and objects is - also for the communication and research of knowledge: A work of art unfolds a much deeper effect when you stand directly in front of it or hold it in your hands - digital views on the screen cannot do this. Therefore, analogue teaching materials still have their justification today and should be used and integrated into digital teaching.

The student council

The student council sees itself as an institution of student self-administration and representation of interests. Through regular participation in the board meetings and other internal meetings, it ensures that student interests are taken into account and advocates for their implementation. It makes suggestions for book acquisitions, acts as an organising team and helps with difficulties with teaching staff. Exciting exhibitions are regularly planned and curated.

Exhibition period

03.04. - 21.05.2023

Exhibition venue

Cologne University and City Library, showcase entrance area coffee bar,
Universitätsstraße 33, 50931 Cologne

Opening hours

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to midnight, Saturday and Sunday 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

Admission - important note

You can of course visit the exhibition without a library card.


Dr. Philipp Budde / University and City Library / Marketing, Press and Public Relations Office