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LESEPUNKTE-Project Days „Many schools, one book“

14.09. - 28.11.23

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The exhibition "Many schools, one book" shows paintings by 25 students who illustrate their thoughts on the novel "The Sun, So Bright and Black" by the author Chantal-Fleur Sandjon.



As part of the LESEPUNKTE project days "Many schools, one book", 25 students from 8 partner schools came together in March 2023 at the Cologne Center for Teacher Education (ZfL) to exchange ideas about literature.


The literary setting this year was the verse novel "The Sun, So Radiant and Black" by Chantal - Fleur Sandjon. A literary activist, Sandjon's book intensely addresses the issues of diversity, racism, queerness, discrimination and domestic violence. The protagonist of the story is repeatedly confronted with these issues on her way to adulthood.

The project days

The project days began with a reading by the author, to which all interested parties were cordially invited. Chantal - Fleur Sandjon's expressive and touching recitation of her texts was particularly impressive. The reading was moderated by WDR presenter Ulrich Noller, who skillfully guided the evening and created space for questions to the author between reading passages.

On the second project day, the students worked in workshops with different focuses, such as illustration, writing and, for the first time, spoken word.

Inspired by the book, creative and completely different pictures were created in the illustration workshop, which was led by illustrator Sarah Brunßen. The University and City Library is showing these in the joint exhibition.

3D tour

This link provides a virtual tour that leads through this year's project:
ZfL  tour


For 2024, the ZfL is still looking for people who can imagine leading a creative workshop (illustration, theatre, poetry slam, writing ...) or a thematic workshop. In 2024, the project days will revolve around the themes of war and displacement and the literary framework will be the novel "The Smell of Soot and Roses" by Julya Rabinowich.
The ZfL is always happy to hear from new cooperating schools.
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Exhibition location

University and City Library Cologne
Red display case in the foyer
Universitätsstraße 33, 50931 Köln

Opening hours

Monday to Friday from 9 to 24
Saturday and Sunday from 9 to 21