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Offers for pupils and teachers

You will get to know us from year 11 onwards ;) We will help you with your first academic paper with the free library card and the courses on academic papers.


The most important things for pupils

You will need a valid library card to pass through our entrance system.
Electronic media with a green traffic light symbol can be accessed from home. E-media with a yellow traffic light are available to you in the library.

The most important things for teachers

We offer guided tours and training courses for school groups or entire year groups from the city of Cologne online via Zoom. We also offer several mentor training courses for interested teachers after the fall break, enabling you to teach your students the basics of using the USB Cologne. The guided tours for your groups of pupils will then take place by mutual agreement. If you are interested, please send us an e-mail:

If you would like to guide a group through the USB yourself, please register your tour in advance! They may not be conducted unannounced. We would also like to avoid scheduling conflicts with other guided tours in your interest. Registration for a guided tour by e-mail:

We have prepared our entire information and training offer for students and teachers on the ILIAS learning platform and made it available for viewing, downloading and participation. To ILIAS >>